Toilet Target Stickers 5cm

Product Code: TM-TARGET-5CM
Sticker Size: 5cm
Stickers Per Pack: 2
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The target sticker that "aims" to clean up the gents toilets! Made from long lasting vinyl, these 5cm circular toilet/urinal stickers are ideal for keeping your bathroom clean or ideal for toilet training a young one. Just put the target sticker in the toilet or urinal and let the gents do the rest! You'll be amazed how men are sub-consciously attracted towards the target and focus on the task in hand!

The target stickers are sold in packs of two.

Happy Toilet Marksman Customers

5 Stars
Chrissy C.
These little stickers worked very well once I thoroughly dried the point where I wanted to stick them. My little and not so little men are much more accurate, have fun and we're all happier for it!
5 Stars
L. Travell
I bought these stickers a week ago. It has been delivered the next day. When I saw them I wasn't sure how well it would work, but my 3 year old son loves it. He thinks it's great fun to get the fly, also just for fun he is using the toilet more independently, just because he is having fun. It's been stuck on the toilet for 6 days now. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
5 Stars
Mr Keith
I ummed and rrrr'd for a couple of days before buying these...but honestly, well worth it.....even for the odd girly scream from one of my daughters or their friends about there being a fly in the loo.....makes up for the boys managing to now 'aim' into the bowl and no missing or dribbles down on the seat or the floor.....going to put then in the cafe urinals...hopefully that'll make the users aim straight and yes if anyone asks about them I would be happy to recommend these and point out that 'toilet marksmen' do other types too!
5 Stars
These lasted for months in my toilet and were a great hit... Excuse the pun!
5 Stars
L. Gilmour
This work very well for my three year old grandson. The fly has caused a few laughs with the grown-ups as they thought it was real and tried to flush it away. I must say they stick very well.
5 Stars
J. Davis
Saw these at a conference venue and thought they'd be great fun - hugely entertained a friend who has work colleagues with less than perfect aim!
5 Stars
Bought these to help with the aim of my 2 year old. He loves them but so does his daddy!
5 Stars
Rachel C.
Brilliant product and the first sticker used is still firmly in place after weeks of use.
5 Stars
No one misses at my workplace now ha ha ha ha...
5 Stars
S. Mullett
Buy these, stick them on and the boys have something to aim at and they forget about urinating all over the floor.
5 Stars
This was the second lot of stickers I bought, in which I gave to my Dad as part of his birthday present! He loved em and so did my mum!
5 Stars
As every parent of small boys knows, encouraging them to 'hit the target' when weeing standing up is an ongoing battle - there are just so many other interesting things to be looking at when one should be looking at where one is 'aiming'. We bought these in desperation, not knowing if they'd make much difference and I've been extremely impressed at both the quality of the sticker and the effect! As others have noted, it's important to ensure that the toilet is totally clean (and dry) before applying a sticker. I followed the instructions and applied a sticker and then waiting to see how long it would last.. well.. more than 12 months later I'm still waiting to find out! That little sucker has stayed in place for well over a year now and I so I have no complaints whatsoever about the quality if applied correctly to the right surface. As for the intended purpose of the sticker, well it certainly has helped (both me and my sons!). And whilst it might look a bit odd to visitors, it's saved us a lot of necessary (and unpleasant) cleaning and has helped our sons focus on the task in hand, so to speak. Definitely worth an investment if poor aim is proving a pain in your household.
5 Stars
S. Cooke
Did the job! My Three year old doesn't miss now, shame he keeps asking people to play the wee game! Lol
5 Stars
As a mother of 2 boys age 8 & 10 these targets have been a God send! No more wet seat, no more wet floor which means I don't have to scrub in the bathroom a zillion times a day! If you have little boys that are hectic and struggle to aim... I highly recommend this! Happy mummy!
5 Stars
These are pretty brilliant actually. As a mother of twin boys who pee in whichever direction their eyes are facing, I have to say I'm pleased. They are small stickers which gives you a very specific position to aim and they stay on for ages which I wasn't expecting.
5 Stars
S. Scott
Great product, gets children to aim at target rather than anywhere else. Fantastic products. Would recommend to any school, nursery if they have problems in the toilets.